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Meet Our Donors

Eugenia CurtisEugenia Curtis made her first donation to UT in 1944, the year she graduated. The loyal donor hasn’t missed a year of giving since then. Although the gifts have varied in size, she has supported UT for 70 consecutive years. More

Woman’s Best Friend
Ann Helderman VaughanAnn Helderman Vaughan’s beloved cat, Gauguin, inspired her to give to UT. She created a research endowment to help prevent, diagnose and treat the disease that took her cat’s life and spare other pet owners from the emotional toll she experienced. More

The Gift to Fight Diabetes
GangarajuDiabetic complications drained the life out of his father and grandfather. So Raja Shekhar Gangaraju's fight against the chronic disease is personal. His weapons of choice: a lab coat; a high-tech, sterile workspace; test tubes; and other state-of-the-art tools... More

Long Sight
colemanGrateful patients Mickey Coleman, Mack and Jonnie Day and Dorothy Gerwin lived simply so they could give big. They saw the need to forge uncharted health frontiers at the UT Health Science Center, so they gave munificently throughout their lives. More

Sisterhood, Service, Scholarship
WhiteBy making a generous gift to support the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, Kim White'82 created a legacy of active kindness that she could see while still alive. She connects the ambition and ability of students with their own potential... More

Buck Vaughn: Living to Serve
VaughnBuck and Linda Vaughn want to leave the world a better place. With the belief in the ineffable good of people, they continue their family's profound compassion, integrity and tireless commitment to philanthropy in the Knoxville community... More

Music to Their Ears
BerryA rousing chorus of brass, percussion and wind instruments served as background music for Mike and Nancy Berry's first meeting. Both joined the band as undergraduates at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. More

'Mecca' Teaching Award Inspires Professor Beyond the Classroom
Dr. David CoffeyMore than a decade ago, UT Martin alumnus James Cunningham made a generous gift to establish an outstanding faculty award. Meet one recent award recipient and learn what makes his teaching style so powerful. More

A War Fought Together in the Place They Call Home
Thumb-1After a lifesaving double-lung transplant, a couple extends their gratitude to the place where they met and now call home, helping future generations of young people seek out their goals and dreams. More

Legacy of Memphis' First Black Surgeon Lives
Thumb-2During his impressive career, Dr. Edward Reed became the first black surgeon in Memphis. Methodist Le Bonheur Healthcare honored the late Dr. Reed by establishing a scholarship fund in his name at the UTHSC College of Medicine. More

'Making Nurses' is Bobbie Lovell's Special Calling
Thumb-3After losing her only child, Bobbie Lovell found her ultimate calling-"to make" nurses by establishing an endowed nursing scholarship in memory of her daughter, Connie, who graduated from the UT Knoxville College of Nursing in 1993. More

Artfully Giving: Longtime Curator Leaves a Legacy
Thumb-4Elaine Altman Evans, longtime curator at the McClung Museum of Natural History & Culture, designated a great part of her estate to the university. Inspired by her generosity, Museum Director Jeff Chapman... More

Live to Give: Georgia Alumni Turned Proud Mocs Create UTC Nest Egg
Thumbnail ImageAlthough Fred White and his wife, Sheri Fox, earned their undergraduate degrees elsewhere, the couple feels strongly about supporting UTC. Their appreciation for the university located in their "backyard"... More

'Easiest Decision' Aids Next Generation of Nurses
Thumbnail ImageA member of the College of Nursing's first graduating class, Rita Freeman Silen has a deep commitment to serving the disadvantaged. It's her hope that her future gift to the college will help others also pursue mission work. More

Lifelong Student Invests in Next Generation
Thumbnail ImageAlthough he officially retired at 63, Dr. Harold Pryor (UTK '51) has never stopped serving the cause of education. His service includes creating a charitable gift annuity at UP to benefit future teachers. More

Lifetime of Loyalty to Nursing at the Health Science Center
Thumbnail ImageDianne Greenhill (UT Memphis '62, UT Knoxville '73) feels great loyalty toward UT, where she was first a student and later, a professor. She has demonstrated that loyalty through years of service and several planned gifts. More

UT Alumna Builds Legacy for College of Communication
Thumbnail ImageJackie Cavnar (UT Knoxville '94) worked three jobs to pay her tuition at UT. But the education was worth every penny, and she recently established a planned gift to ensure that future students will benefit from a UT education. More

From Andy Holt Scholar to UTC Philanthropist: Giving Back Comes Full Circle
Thumbnail ImageAfter a scholarship changed her life, Nancy Collum (UTC '78) resolved to do the same for future UT students. But Nancy’s ties to her alma mater run deeper than her support of scholarships. More

An Enduring Love to Make UT Martin an "Even Better Place"
Thumbnail ImageMary Jo '52 and Lew Dougherty '54 feel a connection to the University of Tennessee. They have included a bequest in their estate plans and established a charitable remainder trust to help transform the lives of future UT students. More

Waterfront Paradise Translates Into Scholarships for UT Business Students
Thumbnail ImageLaVerne and Dale Culbertson '54 lived their dreams as they built and owned Stardust Marina and Resort. Now they are helping UT Knoxville students live their dreams with a bequest to benefit business students. More

Rooted In Giving Back—UT Honors Jim and Sandy Powell With Tree Planting
Thumbnail ImageFor almost a year, longtime supporter of the University of Tennessee Jim Powell worked on a secret project that would honor Sandy, his bride of almost 55 years. He finally told her what he had been up to: He made a $1 million gift commitment... More

Roofer's Legacy Shelters Dreams of Engineering and Architecture Students
Thumbnail ImageFor Victoria Vest and Ryan DeLozier, the cost of tuition at UT left them with very real financial concerns regarding their educations. The Don Tinsley Engineering Scholarship changed that. More

Planting Seeds of Service at the Health Science Center and Beyond
Thumbnail ImageDick Gourley has felt an urge to help people all his life, which led him to become a pharmacist. Now he's helping future pharmacists by making a bequest in his will that will set up an endowed scholarship at UT. More

Real Estate Plus Deed Transfer Equals Faculty Support
Thumbnail ImageInspired by her son's success after graduating from the University of Tennessee, Libba Wall created an endowment to honor her son, Jimmy Dudley, by making a gift of real estate. More

A Tale of a Tree and Two Pennies
Thumbnail ImageTo call Mike Littlejohn a tree hugger is exaggerating things quite a bit, but he does like trees, especially one very significant tree on the campus of the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. More

The Gift of an "Angel" to the College of Nursing
Thumbnail ImageBetty Clark knew at an early age that she wanted to become a nurse and help others. She never waivered from that path, and now she's helping ensure that others are able to achieve their dream of a nursing career. More

Devoted to UT: Engineer Leaves Largest Bequest Ever to Physics
Thumbnail ImageJames McConnell will never know how he helped make a dream come true for Olga Ovchinnikova. His generous gift to the UT Department of Physics and Astronomy and the College of Engineering will make a difference in the lives of many students... More

CauseForce Executives' Generosity Recognized in Iconic Ayres Hall
Thumbnail Image"It is absolutely critical to train Tennessee kids to compete in the global marketplace," says Chad Goldman '93, vice president of marketing at CauseForce. And with the help of his partner, Brian Pendleton, president of CauseForce, he is... More

Lady Mocs Passion Pushers
Thumbnail ImageMary Jane and Dean Heavener are not your average fans. They build their calendars around women's basketball games and travel when the team plays away from home. Their commitment to the team comes through in the cheering and the hugs... More

Drawing Between the Lines With Editorial Cartoonist Charlie Daniel
Thumbnail ImageThe University of Tennessee counts itself fortunate to be the recipient of a lifetime of cartoons donated by Charlie Daniel. As part of a collection for the UT Libraries, his work can now be enjoyed over and over. More

Making the "Good, Great" for Marco Institute and Theatre
Thumbnail Image"Most of what I have comes from my days of working at UT. And now it is time to give back and help make the good great," says Dr. Stuart Riggsby. Learn how he did it in a simple and smart way. More

Never Forget: Holocaust Survivor Completes Circle of Life by Giving Back
Thumbnail ImageManny Steinfeld fled Hitler’s Germany at age 14 and arrived in America able to speak only 10 words of English. From there he transformed his life into one of progress and success. Today he is helping UT students achieve their goals with scholarship support. More

An Educator's Obligation: 72 Years of Giving and the University of Chattanooga Alum Says "I'm Still Indebted"
Thumbnail ImageServing as the superintendent of schools in White Plains, New York, Johnson surprised many in the urban school district when he—a Southern gentleman—supported integrating the school system. More

In the Search for Good
Thumbnail ImageDavid and Vera Mefford not only built their academic and professional career on his extensive research of The Hartman Value Profile, but they eventually built their company and lives based on its principles. More

A Life Saved and a Dream Fulfilled
Thumbnail ImageCircumstances and determination brought Don Riley to the University of Tennessee Health Science Center and his profession as a radiologist. But the outstanding, life-saving care his daughter received cemented his commitment to give back by including UT in his will. More

Retired Professors Receive the Greatest Gift in Giving Back to UTC
Thumbnail ImageWhile Dr. Joseph A. and professor Mary B. Jackson have accomplished a lot in their lives and received many awards, there is no award, they say, that will ever capture the depth of "our love, passion, gratitude and pride" for UTC. More

Beyond Degrees: Giving Back to the UT Family
Thumbnail ImageWarren Carmichael (UT Martin '72) credits University of Tennessee at Martin with much of his success in life. In thanks, Warren and his wife, Pat, are helping others achieve their goals with gifts in their will in support of various areas at the university. More

Dr. Helen Moorehead Remembers UT Health Science Center
Thumbnail Image"I fondly remember the conferences and seminars I attended and how they offered me such a wealth of knowledge during my studies," says Dr. Helen Moorehead. Now she has established a trust to be used for travel awards... More

A Legacy of a Daughter's Smile and Songs
Thumbnail ImageA research endowment has been established at the University of Tennessee Health Science Center in loving memory of the daughter of June (UT Memphis '92) and James Larrabee. More

A Gift of Beauty: Tate Endowment Benefits the Frank H. McClung Museum
Thumbnail ImageWith a gift from the estate of the late Peggy Huesman Tate, the university established an endowment to benefit the Frank H. McClung Museum. Peggy's generous bequest will be used for exhibits, acquisitions and educational programs at the museum. More

Devoted to UT: Gifted Teacher Leaves Bequest for Professorships
Thumbnail ImageJust as Charles Postelle was devoted to the mountains, art and teaching, he was also devoted to UT. Learn how the late professor passed his values on in a simple and smart way. More

UTC's Biggest Fan Is Hard to Quiet
Thumbnail ImageMilly Fariss (UTC '47) dedicated two decades of her life volunteering for the University of Tennessee Chattanooga Athletics after a 35-year career as a statistician at Tennessee Valley Authority. More

Charles Youngerman Supports UT Martin College of Agriculture and Applied Sciences
Thumbnail ImageUT Martin alum Charles Youngerman, pictured with his late wife, W. Kate Youngerman (UTM '57, UTK '59), has established a charitable gift annuity benefitting the College of Agriculture and Applied Sciences at UT Martin. More

Bequests for Scholarships
Thumbnail ImageIn 1930, the late Tom Dunlap earned the Faculty Freshman Scholarship award given to the University of Tennessee's most outstanding male student at the end of the freshman year. More

Current Gifts
Outstanding dermatologist Robert J. "Bob" Kaplan of Memphis has made generous gifts to the University of Tennessee through prudent tax planning. More

Part Gift and Part Sale
The late Gaston C. Raoul recently provided a large boost to the Chattanooga campus by entering into a charitable bargain sale for its benefit. More

Term of Years Trust
Thumbnail ImageDr. Rodney Y. Wolf, along with fellow Memphis physician Robert J. Kaplan, gave a generous gift to allow the University of Tennessee to build a recruiting hospitality center for use on game days and a site for university special events throughout the year. More

The Retirement Unitrust
Many donors use charitable remainder unitrusts as a way to supplement their income. The income from a unitrust is determined yearly based on the value of the trust assets. More


Please note these articles were written on earlier dates, and content may not be current, but its relevancy and impact are still applicable.


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