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CauseForce Executives' Generosity Recognized in Iconic Ayres Hall

 Chad Goldman

"When Tennessee alumni see Ayres Hall, they immediately think, UT," says University of Tennessee, Knoxville, Chancellor Jimmy Cheek. Ayres Hall, which is located on what is known on campus as "The Hill," has increasingly become the symbolic center of the university. "Visionary UT alumni such as Chad Goldman are ensuring that current and future students will be able to follow in their footsteps and achieve on a national and international scale."

Although highly successful as a marketing executive known for his creativity, Chad Goldman has not forgotten his alma mater. "My heart will always be on 'Rocky Top,'" he says, referring to the university's fight song that rouses the volunteer faithful. "I want to give kids the same opportunities I was given as a UT student."

From Argentina to Los Angeles...
Chad has been an achiever wherever he goes. After attending Universidad del Salvador in Argentina and earning his bachelor's degree in business with honors from the University of Tennessee in 1993, he was marketing director at ITS, a computer services provider in Buenos Aires. He led the company's marketing initiatives, helping them to establish outsourcing and educational services for Argentina's top multinationals. Chad facilitated the company's strong year-over-year growth and bolstered its awareness as the market leader.

After leaving ITS, Chad received his MBA, specializing in international marketing from the American Graduate School of International Management commonly known as Thunderbird. He served as a brand specialist at Skilset, a Los Angeles consulting firm where he led the development and launching of brand identities, rebranding efforts and marketing strategies for a wide array of industries.

"My experience with UT's language and world business program really contributed to my professional success and character enrichment," Chad says. "It is a great program that can be even greater with more money."

And powering good works by raising money is something Chad knows in his current position as vice president of marketing at CauseForce, a West Hollywood-based company that works with nonprofit organizations to help them raise money. Chad manages strategy, creative development, and execution of all collateral, advertising, Web expressions, apparel and event experiences.

Educating Tomorrow's Leaders
Although they make their home in Los Angeles, Chad and his partner, Brian Pendleton, president of CauseForce, believe in making a difference in the region where he got his degree. "Educating tomorrow's leaders is very important to Brian and me," Chad says. "It is absolutely critical to train Tennessee kids to compete in the global marketplace."

Chad and Brian have pledged $50,000 to the University of Tennessee College of Arts and Sciences to establish the Chad Goldman and Brian Pendleton Language and World Business Endowment. Half the gift will support UT students completing domestic internships and study-abroad programs. The other half of the gift will establish the Ayres Hall Excellence Endowment to fund faculty awards, undergraduate scholarships, teaching assistantships and other academic support needs of the UT College of Arts and Sciences.

"Creation of the Chad Goldman and Brian Pendleton Endowed Language and World Business Scholarship is wonderful news for our program," says Professor Gregory Kaplan, director of the UT Language and World Business Program. "UT is one of only a small number of U.S. institutions with a major that allows students to specialize in both foreign language and international business. Students in the program often study abroad to complete the practical experience component of the program, and the Goldman/Pendleton Scholarship will help provide greater numbers of students with this opportunity."

Associate Dean Chris Boake says, "The gift from Mr. Chad Goldman and Mr. Brian Pendleton to support Ayres Hall will have a lasting impact on students and faculty in the College of Arts and Sciences." In recognition of these generous gifts, the University of Tennessee has named the entrance to Ayres Hall in their honor. "This special building is worthy of the generosity bestowed upon it by these gentlemen. The spirit of 'The Hill' is lucky to have such dedicated supporters."

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